Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who do we serve? Here at CTEEZ TRUCKING & EQUIPMENT we serve a broad range of customers in Heavy Duty On-Road Commercial Vehicles, Off-Road, Construction, Government Transportation, Marine, Military Fleets and Equipment, and most definitely Automotive.

  2. What problems do our clients need solved? Our clients need assistance with assessing their lubrication, DEF and filtration products need in order to manage their fleets of vehicles. CTEEZ Trucking & Equipment helps them by lowering their total cost of ownership, increasing equipment life and utilizing the most reliable products on the market.

  3. How do we solve those problems? Our dedicated and knowledgeable team of industry experts have a over 50 plus years of industry knowledge and experience, which we utilize to direct and assist our clients in selecting the best lubricants, greases, DEF, chemicals and equipment, and more for their enterprise. CTEEZ Trucking & Equipment has a knowledgeable, highly trained staff ready to provide your organization with operational solutions, product recommendations, personalized marketing support, and much more.

  4. What is the benefit of working with us? As a certified minority / woman / veteran owned small business, we’re uniquely qualified to fulfill a wide variety of our clients contracting requirements, bids and micro purchases. Because we are a small business, we provide more B2B time with our clients, which in turn gives them greater access to us when our competition is closed for business. Most recently we have improved our sales and logistics by providing E-commerce to our website in order to greater service our customers with the products they need. Additionally, we offer top of the line safety equipment to minimize accidents in their workplace, keeping our customers insurance premiums down.

  5. Why us over the competition? One of the greatest reasons to work with us over the competition is that not only do we provide and supply our customers with the best offerings in Bulk Lubes, Greases and Chemicals we go the extra mile by making sure we their #1 Heavy Duty Maintenance Solution. CTEEZ has provided hand tools, shop tools, equipment, PPE and safety gear, training, consultation and most of all Filtration to go with the Lubes we offer.

  6. What success stories a testimonial do we share? We successfully used our gained several large clients as customers. Fastenal was one of our greatest achievements. The overall experience was an example of how perseverance pays off in time. Our second success story is successfully gaining and maintaining a growing business relationship with one of the largest U.S.P.O Vehicle Maintenance Facilities in the United States here in Atlanta.